Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Year 2012

"So you must know that even though you took a road less traveled...In broken, tangled, decaying pieces, I almost did love you as well."

"But how do you console someone who has never known what peace is? How do you explain calm to the restless? And how do you explain sweet dreams to the insomniacs."

"Because in the hollows of uncertainty it was our spirits that were finally at peace post finding each other. And now... life's unfolding at its own pace as I watch you sleep tonight while remembering that for sure today has been okay but here's kissing you good night with a promise that tomorrow will be better."

"And that's whats so tragic about the pain love brings. It can never be shared. You'll never know what went underneath the periphery. You'll only hear of good times. You'll only see the smile you're smitten over. The tears..well I shall keep them to myself only."

"The sky was supposed to come crashing down on all of us. Its an unwritten rule of life. Its a fact so you and I should go ahead and embrace it with open arms. What I feel today wouldn't have felt as great perhaps ten years ago. Had I not gone through the pains and aches, I don't think I would have been afraid of losing you."

"You can't do much when the spirit gets badly bruised...For it is as fragile as the sandcastles we all once built."

"That's how the heart stopped beating. That heart with all the unwritten stories of yester years. The ones of aching love and unfulfilled dreams."

"Her fate was written the day she was named Ophelia."

"Today was also the day when a plane did not crash into a tall building. It was the day when no drone attacks were reported. Today no earthquakes torn a town apart."

"So for one last time. Let's meet in Madrid. Or was it Barcelona? Somewhere in Spain. Before death comes in a haste. But never mind you. There's always love. And they say it is forever."

"And as both of us know that there is no place like home. Even if there's a rip on that couch and a big dark stain on the living room carpet but nevermind all that because home will always be home. They often try to give those suites in those five star hotels the same look but there is a reason celebrities are found dead in expensive hotel suites and not in their homes. There is a reason for that, my love."

"So that is the reason as to why I hate you. But that's mainly because I never stopped loving you. Its complicated. Its like DNA. Its intertwined. You won't understand."

"The abyss of nothingness runs deep within..Bright past often appears blurry suddenly...That ugly darkness hogs from all four corners..And off she goes living that aching memory."

"Then people might ask you about how many times life has kicked you in the gut? And you might not be able to come up with a number. And that is also okay. But the ways to deal with that pain probably out numbers the times you have been hurt. Because I know a thing or two about life as well. It can not be that harsh to anyone."

"Uncertainty lies in every corner of this locality...So my dear child, you got no reason to be blue...Just ahead of the soil moisture withers away..Assure this broken heart that we'll meet again too."

"Set it free this one time, let it fly out the window...That imaginary heart I once drew just in the air..Hoping it would travel the world alone eternally..You then drew one too, we called it a pair."

"Our hearts are like cities. Our minds...continents of some sort. Often expanding. With invisible boundaries. The ones I once drew to keep you out. You don't need a passport to get in. You just need indifference to stay out and never care. But I know that's too much to ask for."

"Just before falling asleep they promised to keep hurting each other. Forever and ever. 
Its unfortunate but that is all there is to their story."

"You know people around us..some of them will die one day. 
Everyone dies (a little)."

"You learn to communicate differently and above all you learn to accept that people will now look at you differently. You are a work in progress but a very different kind of a work. A very fragile and damaged one. This trauma is life long. The solitude. The path on which you walk alone...Its the betrayal of the body. One of the worst types of betrayals if you ask me."

"I was a little girl with big dreams. I bet you did not know that. I was simple but I had ambitions. I had simple ambitions. You wouldn't know today as to what that even means because you grew up around shimmering objects."

"Our wounds will heal with time. Or get replaced by new ones."