Thursday, April 16, 2015

I Shall Remain Silent

Maybe its time. Maybe you should know as to why I've been away. Or maybe you're just not ready to face the truth. Perhaps the same could be said about me but oh well. Let's leave semantics for some other day. But as promised.. I should fill this void with words. That's all I've got anyway.

But what could I possibly say now? Nothing can be said or done. Its too late. So I won't speak of my feelings, of my desires, or the things I want to do. To you. With you. And for you.

So forget it. Pretend like "I" never happened. And I shall pretend the same.

I swear I won't speak of my hunger. For you. For your touch. I wanted to tell you so many things. I wanted to tell you how I felt. There is so much you don't even know about me.

But its too late. The doors have been shut. If you want you can do the same. Just hold on to your desires. Hold on to all the things you want to do. To me. With me. And for me. Because its only fair.

Let our silences speak to each other from now on. Let 'em enjoy each other's misery and let em suffocate in the deep love. But I am so tempted to speak. So tempted to touch. But I shall refrain.

I promise you my dearest that I will let my desires board the sinking ships of our hopeless tomorrow. I assure you I will personally drown them because...

I shouldn't forget that I wasn't completely loved by you. I was almost loved.

And I shall live with the memories of that almost love.