Monday, April 22, 2013

The Monk Who Had It All

In that deepest despair I once knew so well
And when the spring arrived I lost my child
So I buried her on top of a deserted grave
A Monk nearby, to himself he just smiled

He could read my not so transparent eyes
Silence prevailed all around him and I
Nothing except it was his greatest lie
How he had really wished for wings to fly

How abandoned & ancient this feeling was
That dying emotion of that passion once
The door behind me had now been closed 
Separated from the memory of my loved one

Imagine those secrets the Monk must have
Sorrows & sadness hidden under that serenity
Here's my soul caught up in materialistic affairs
His is so clear with endless layers of purity

I bid my final good bye to my unborn child
The cruel God had written a destiny in a haste
The breeze might make my child feel cold 
For she is dead, a precious life gone to waste

His eyes converse, you have it wrong my dear, I say
My womb shall be empty, You won't know the pain
I've screamed my share of screams so you know
But I shall wish you well until we meet again

The peace he has, I'll never have
His eyes say adieu, that's the last call
Envy was in every drop of my existence
For he was the Monk who had it all

Monday, April 15, 2013

Could Have Been

You asked how the story was coming along. I had been working on it for months now. You wanted to know if my writer's block was over. I nodded yes. Then you asked me if I was in it as well. I said yes. Then you asked if you were in it too and I just smiled at you. You wanted to know if you were the lover. I told you I would not assign that part to anyone else except for you. You smirked because you thought love can not be assigned to anyone. Then you wanted to know more about me in the book. 

And all I know if that I could have been more. If only life had given me a chance. But you were confused because you thought I was the writer of this story. I could have given myself super powers if I wanted to. 

What you did not know all along was that this was a memoir. I always wanted it to be. This was my story and all I know now is...

That I could have been more. 

Isn't that the saddest thing that could ever happen to anyone? 

Chapter 1 - A life half lived 

and I scribble on...