Sunday, January 26, 2014

Its Time To Say Goodbye..Maybe

I will always be a street away from that happiness that was so called mine. I will always be behind the wrong side of the fence. I think I've lost my chance...

And in the midst of this madness I trampled all over my own existence. In the midst of these moments of insanity you had left me alone. In these instants of chaos I had given up and lost all my confidence. Where were you then? And why did you let go?

But I want to tell my story. I think its time. But no one is listening and it seems like I have lost you as well.

There were thousands of ways of dying. I ignored 'em all. I swear to you. I ignored 'em all.

Heart disease. Stroke. Cancer.

But guess what? I chose you.

So I chose heartache.

Rather..Heartache chose me.

"So, goodbye
Please stay with your own kind
And I'll stay with mine
There's something against us
It's not time...It's not time
So, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye..."
-The Smiths

Thursday, January 9, 2014

These Sinking Ships

It all needs to sink in first and then for the dust to settle, it will take time

Denial. Anger. Bargain. Depression....and Acceptance.

And I miss you.

Because you see without that...its just noise all around us. I didn't destroy myself. You didn't do it either. Infact all along we were the sane ones. The world went mad. And its really hard to explain.

So I wish this equation could be explained. Its too fragile right now.So lets not touch that.

At this point I wish there was another universe. But there isn't any point. This ache would have created the same ripple effect and would have set everything on fire by now anyway.

But do you remember before there was fire? The edges of the earth were much softer. Less flaky.

So excuse me because I need to dream brighter dreams.

And in the midst of this chaos. While the world keeps crumbling down at me and while the high tides keep pulling us apart...I just want to say that I love you and I won't apologize for it.

Gravity is only doing me wrong. Its drowning me.

And the music doesn't make much sense anymore.

So I hope you miss me too....