Monday, January 28, 2013

Nothing Else Matters

Never opened myself this way, life is ours we live it our way, all these words I don't just say
...& nothing else matters -Metallica

Sometimes it takes you a micro second to be so heartless. I have no idea as to where it all even comes from. It leaves me dazed and confused for hours and not the good kind of dazed and confused. But I get it. This is a part of that package. Let's not sit here and give it a name or a title. That's for mediocre people. They have to go ahead and give names to everything. It keeps things less complicated for em. You and I are not mediocre. We might be a complete disaster together but our disasters complete each other. I don't want to say the L word because that just might jinx it all and that would be giving this whole thing a name or a title anyway. Plus walking around half empty doesn't seem like a good option anymore.

Its sudden. I'm standing in line at the coffee shop and I get hit by a memory that's full of pain and remorse and what do I do? I just stand there and wait for my order. I don't let it get to me. Because I know you're half way across the world standing in line at a coffee shop thinking of how badly I've hurt you as well. Its all good. We owe the pain to each other.

Then I come home and ask you as to why you look so sad and you tell me its because you've hurt me. And then I tell you its not the first time you've hurt me and you steal the show with...

Its not the first time I've been this sad.