Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Blind Violinist

Inside that mid night subway train
Heard a broken hearted lover play
Plucking strings so they could echo
Those mediocre tunes of utter dismay

Trying to fix her broken pendant, there she was
With her winter scarf wrapped around her neck
Remembering romance of yester nights
Hiding scars of bites and pecks

Dared he, began to play Mozart
Symphony fourty-Molto allegro
Entered E flat major in a haste
Not affecting the smooth flow

Lost in the sanctuary of sins
In that deep state of half asleep
With dreams resting on her eyelids
Of Starry les nuits à Paris

With a half soul, yet giving his best 
Lost in the melody with eyes closed
With a name of past love engraved
On that dusty broken violin's scroll

Her station Chester was next, they announced
She got ready to depart the train
Eyes on the door, heart somewhere in Paris
And walking dans central city in the rain

Lost in thought she walked past him
Her scent so familiar, J'adore it was
"Abby", screamed he, the blind violinist
His wounds still unprocessed and raw

"Mistaken you are", she replied impolitely
Doors opened, wind distributed her scent
He apologized for mistaken identity
Yet memory of past sorrows did augment

Of days full of hopelessness
And nights full of uncertainty
His lover's secret Ménage à trois
Away from his blind sight, a place so privy

The doors closed behind the woman
As she witnessed the train leave
Her pendant broke, landing in her hand
On it was the name engraved Abby


Khadeeja said...

Beautiful. Painful. Wonderful.
Loved it. :)

Ankur said...

What a flourish....
It's so easy to lose oneself, when you write like that :)
The pragmatic in me, wishes it hadn't ended the way it did, but I guess many will consider that to be the highlight !

Winter Song said...

Lovely. Like always.

Noor Ali said...

What a beautiful piece. You should know that I am gradually evolving as your ardent fan!(:

And thank you for your kind words on my blog. Perhaps I'd try writing short stories some point of time. Do you write anywhere else than this blog?

You're wonderful, I am so curious.

Pesto Sauce said...

So captivating

Amna Siddiqui said...

Again. Beautiful.

When I see your name in my blogroll, I get excited. You're that good. :)

And I love violins. They're so enchanting in so many ways. ;)

MothSmokeLover said...

Deeja - Thanks so much. Wonder why there's such beauty and familiarity in pain?

Ankur - Thanks a lot for liking it. Your words always help me. And I don't know either as to why I'm always so mean towards my fictional female characters? Though I would never do that to someone. I swear. :)

W.S. - Thanks much!

Noor - Thanks so much for being a wonderful fan. It means a lot when I only have a handful of 'em. And yes you should definitely try writing short stories. There was something amazing about your last post. See I'd never got to experience that since I never got to meet my grand parents. And I have no nieces or nephews yet. Its just two generations living under the same roof. And that gets a bit boring at times if you know what I mean. :)

And no I don't write anywhere else. Should I? And if yes then where? But you see the thing is that I can't write on demand. Its just not in me I guess.

Pesto - Thanks so much. Hope you find your dulhan soon.

Amna - Thanks so much kiddo. Thanks for all the love!

Noor Ali said...

You know without these two 'ladies' (granny and niece), my home would have been such a quiet snobbish place.. boring yes, one way to put it.

I asked if you write somewhere else just because I wish to read you more. Do you write short stories?

Write one for me!

MothSmokeLover said...

I used to write little passages or proses on my previous blog. I can find 'em and send 'em to you though that's not how I feel at the moment. They were full of candy floss type of love which was never my type to begin with but I went through a phase where I wrote too much in too little time. I wrote about my feelings and I felt very exposed after a while so I deleted everything. Will see what I can send you from there.

But in the mean time do write more about the 4 generations growing older/wiser under the same roof. I wish to read more of that. :)

Jesse said...

Never. Stop. Writing!

MothSmokeLover said...

Jesse you sound like you're in pain. Sorry about that :P

Eirene said...

Absolutely loved it! It was amazing :)

monica said...

How have you been?? :)
After reading i was like "SHIT!". You are superb with words girl! YOu have that magic to keep your readers hooked till the last word. Loved every bit of this marvelous poem. LOve :)

Lizzie said...

God beautiful so so beautiful! gives you that sad longing feeling you get after reading a classic surreal novel

Aporia said...

It had that classic element that immortalizes love stories: loss.

eddiesdomain said...

so well written. enriched with feelings...