Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tumors & Voids

Almost terrified of discovering the consequences
Of what nightmares unfold behind those dark eyes
Some clouds of grey being smoked all day long
And hysterical laughter followed by endless cries

With fragile state of mind, wish I could hold on to him
As it gets secluded at times in this glittery old darn city
Admirable lips, speak of nothing but ache and angst
Battles he has been fighting now since some eternity

Hands so soft, he rests on that cherry finish table
On the one he taps out the tune of sheer loneliness
Wish I had the chance to hold on to them for good
With lines that speak the tales of utter emptiness

Flickering hope I can offer if not anything else
Songs of endless joy we can pretend to sing
Wearing a mask would hide a bit of ugliness
So buckle up tight and let the play begin

With indifference behind and laughter to follow
Starry long summer nights under midnight sky
Let the healing process be at its brink, I suppose
And all the harmless games with absolute joy

So when it comes crashing down, just grab the ashes
Or hold on to the mould of our disasters combined
Glue the debris all together in every way possible
With little pieces of now and then, all intertwined

Cuz even the best place in the world means nothing
If the layers of past ashes simply can not overlap


Ankur said...

So I have read it more than a couple of time, and I am still not entirely sure what to make of it...
The train of thoughts changed somewhat abruptly; and what does "the overlap of layers of past ashes" signify?

MothSmokeLover said...

Its like tumors and voids. The ones who know truly are the ones who will be able to associate with it. Try not to scan it literary because what it means to me is totally different than what you are trying to see. And the fact that you don't entirely know what to make of it is actually what you make of it. That's your interpretation of it and I'm all good with that :)

Amna Siddiqui said...

You amaze me everytime with the images you create and the expressions you use. Uff.


So when it comes crashing down, just grab the ashes
Or hold on to the mould of our disasters combined
Glue the debris all together in every way possible
With little pieces of now and then, all intertwined
^ masterpiece.

Amna Siddiqui said...

-I wish I could write like you. :)

S.H. said...

So painful and gorgeous!

MothSmokeLover said...

Amna - Thank you. And you can never write like me and I can never write like you. Thats how it is girl :)

S.H. - Thank you!

sobhit said...

sheer poetry.. n like good old school days am still no big fan f poems :P.. maybe if sm1 reads it in a opera way.. mite jst njy it.. but still d words seem deep from d smoke lover.. i guess like a small kid, ur pictures blog appeal more 2me den d words pout here :P.. for i gota use some brains to understnd d words.. while d pix r pleasure 4d eye.. still i appreciate ppl who can write poems.. not a easy task wid dos ryhmes i feel..

PS. will try not use full words in d nxt post, wenevr i sit dwn for it.. though dunno wen :P... though i did use full words in one d previous posts.. dunno wich 1 but i sure did.. few others too appreciated d proper english den d sms lingo :P..

as 4d dots.. guess i still am facinated wid join d dots from my young years :P. leave d dost here 4d ppl reading 2 join it 4 demslvs n c wot dey get..

MothSmokeLover said...

Dude I need a dictionary to know as to what you wrote here. o_O

Noor Ali said...

I was so not BRAGGING! :P

Chaudhary said...

Amazing post!