Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Musician Marilyn

In that old bar by the street corner in my town
She sang sad love songs with that heart so broken
Do you not remember those light blue eyes?
With gestures of love in them resided unspoken

Try and just remember my sweetest Marilyn
And how she belted out tunes so spell-bound
Held on to the despair somewhere deep within
In over flowing sorrows forever remained drowned

They say she suffered from that broken heart syndrome
Those hands did not stop shaking since the day he left
She became uncomfortably numb ever since then
Sang songs of despair in that black mourning dress

Quickly all the triumphs turned into doleful tragedies
And the surrounding air just got heavier by the day
Rage within subsiding somewhere on the periphery
While witnessing quietly her heart's destined dismay

You can't do much when the spirit gets badly bruised
For it is as fragile as the sandcastles we all once built
Sweet girl, angel you and your pursuit for happiness
Left you nothing but deserted with dreams unfulfilled

They swept her memories away with that dusty old broom
Complete standstill it was, my darling angel had fallen
The sky mourned as I laid a dozen red roses on her grave
Music grieved as she was laid to rest, my blue eyed Marilyn


Anonymous said...

This is just too good to express in words. Jeez such classic work. Brilliant!

Winter Song said...

:) Very sweet.

MothSmokeLover said...

Thanks! :)

Noor Ali said...

Good to be back here! (:

Pond Toad said...

Next Please..

Zeeshan Ahmed said...

Marilyn needs a warm hug, and I am sure there are people out there who can give that to her. I guess, I'll be the first one.