Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Concrete Surrealism

Our limbs extend into long tree branches 
As you lay on me in this starry night 
Subtle breaths you breathe on my neck 
Perfumed body adding to my sheer delight

Dampen curls wrapped around my fingers
As I lay awake around that aura of you
Witnessing those ever lasting galaxies in sky
Caressing thy cheek dipped in that pink hue

Early days of love, our youths were tangled up
In unsettled blistering rides of high and low
To the Heaven of passion among other things
Leaving grounds of uncertainty so far below

The journey embarked upon in thy company 
Life's realism halted me from ever knowing 
A knight in shinning armor I ceased to be
Far from that magical world of stars glowing

Set it free this one time, let it fly out the window
That imaginary heart I once drew just in the air 
Hoping it would travel the world alone eternally
You then drew one too, we called it a pair

At last I wake up from this unfulfilled dream
Tasting that bitter sweetest life's essence
A life so scorching, it is not worth living 
Attesting to your surreal creation's evanescence


Purple said...

So, I have almost a year worth of your blog to catch up to.
Sigh. Whoever said listening to impulse was good? Now I have this entore year worth of stuff to read. But guess what? You're so good that i wont mind spending an entire night doing so. Haha.

Hi MSL. Purples back. :P

MothSmokeLover said...

Oh my. Spending your night reading my posts. I'm humbled. Btw can't access your blog. Share the link please? :)

aria said...

this is lovely.. reminded me of my erstwhile innocence and that faith in love I lost somewhere..

................your's entirely said...

Hmm...'Relate'able again !

Lolo said...

Msl, I had closed the blog.
its up again,
Here it is.

Zeeshan Ahmed said...

Like drops of some acid, falling on a flower, the sense of security suddenly falling apart. The hope, that seems to be alive, and yet quiet. Like a sudden awakening, from the depth of obscurity, and death.
This is surreal. Well done!