Thursday, May 19, 2011


Vague memories haunt
Of the girl she used to be
With placid blue eyes
She's now a faint memory

Splendiferous soul & outlook
With long black glazed hair
Hands softer than snow they say
And eyes filled with such despair

With a tainted reputation
And a name like Bella
Her infamous midnight escapades
She was no Cinderella

Occupant of the largest suite
In a brothel down the street
With crowds of customers to her name
On the same old white sheets

With admirers round the clock visiting
She pleased almost everyone
In and out they came and left
With a part of her existence

With a predator like hunger
And undying thirst for passion
In surrendering to the visitors
Layed her real satisfaction

Age caught up soon resulting in
Her sweet demise courtesy of the disease
Yet to the frequent visitors she'll forever be
That exquisite damsel from the streets

With the brothel demolished now
Her scent remained there for a while
But to the local residents she'll always be
That girl with a broken smile


Fareed said...

Erotic melancholy is not easy to pull and you did a fine job. Kudos!

MothSmokeLover said...

Merci Beaucoup Fareed!

CATGIRL !! said...

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Lizzie said...

You depicted it so beautifully. I am falling in love with your writing

Soumya said...

This is simply beautiful. Hats off!