Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chimerical Romance

The bridge that binded the two ends
Where they once used to stand
The one that united those two lovers
Somewhere right by the bend

As the moon light scattered on her raw body
He felt the weight of it on him as well
As she moved in closer and felt more intoxicated
Engrossed in her tresses he loved the lavender smell

The warmth of the moment was quite enticing
The realization also came sinking in after a while 
Sadness was subtracted from then onwards since
He had filled his laughter in her cries

The kind of things she whispered in his ears
That she wants to feel the touch of those hands
And he did just that regardless of the fears he had
In the midst of all those ifs,buts and ands

A moment where they saw the world in each other's eyes
The sun taking a back seat & the moonlight shone on her beige skin
Where it was only night with no sign of sun rise
Holding her tight he was immersed in the sin

She whispered, I know the fear that's been bothering you
Where the earth cracks from underneath your feet
I know that feeling, believe me I do
The fear in which everything seems incomplete

But I am all bound in the spell of your love
Tonight as the soundtrack of lust plays
I am flying somewhere with the clouds above
Can't keep track of my nights and days

The darkness then came creeping in uninvited
As he drew circles with his index finger on her bare back
He was now breathing her scent in and out
Slowly changing the direction from circles to tacks

And as the dawn begins to break the two lovers return
To a place in which she paints tranquillity and he thinks of hunger
Where she sings of passion and he writes of lust
Where she plays with sin and he fights a battle with surrender

Just soon enough the earth beneath them cracks and...

She now paints in madness and he now writes in blood


Anonymous said...

Sexy is the word that comes to mind when I read this. Plus I love poems with the word 'intoxicated' in it. ;) Par excellence as always.

The Blue Periwinkle said...

Brilliant work!

Amna Siddiqui said...

Last line, breathtaking!

Soumya said...

Oh damn. This poem reflects every day of my life and I can relate to it a 100%. LOVED it!!

As the lover said, its 'sexy' personified!