Friday, July 22, 2011

Lonesome Sea Fairy

Once belonged somewhere deep in the sea
A place that used to be her not so sweet home
Shelter it was next to a hundred year old wrecked ship
Mermaid she was and that too a very well known

Disentangled her long gold tresses all day long
Owned a comb made from pearls, her dearest possession
Beauty she was, uncrowned Queen of all the oceans
With such eyes that too became sea world's admiration

Royalty at its best minus an actual throne
Oblivious to the world outside her diminutive domain
Unknown to mankind and to flying creatures in the sky
Stranger to soil and sand, in the ocean she remained

Ruled by the sea serpent who owned every inch of her
Slave to her master, trapped in the tides of the sea
Twirling for his pleasure unable to escape his sight
Often experienced melancholy and wept silently

Always curious to explore sea world as well as
She wondered how it would be on the outside
Getting her curls entangled in the sea branches
She often pondered somewhere deep down inside

Floating through her sea heaven one night then
She had what some might call an epiphany
Looked outside towards the midnight twilight
Her tail dancing to night's dusky symphony

Desperate to reach out, she escaped her prison
Laid on the wet sand appreciating the galaxy
Concluded there is no going back to the trap ever
Feeling for herself, her sincerest apathy

Lying on her stomach in hopelessness and grief
Staring at her dispirited little reflection
Her curls in snarls courtesy of the absent comb
With the new found world, her striking disconnection

She once belonged in the deep sea they say
But got caught up in the web of lusting speculation
Isolated on land and unable to return to the sea
Got lost somewhere in her own translation


Soumya said...

Your poems put mine to shame :(

This is serious brilliant writing!

MothSmokeLover said...