Monday, June 6, 2011

When Love Is...

An Attraction
In was a busy train ride
He sat across from me that night
It was magical as our eyes conversed
My station was here but I was too submersed
I was indifferent as to where he was from
He seemed carefree too hence our love was born

The boyish grins, the sparkling eyes
The sweet surrender, nothing to hide
Tension, heat, submission, passion
Touching, stroking, pleasure, addiction
Body meets body, eyes meet eyes
Midnight oil burns, body temperatures rise

An Obsession
You were meant to exist only for me
So I shall decide what these lips should speak
I crave for thee from the bottom of my heart
I'll remain hungry for your touch till I depart
I am the moth and you're the flame
Day and night, I breathe your name

Try to forgive me Lord as I no longer bow to thee
She's become my faith and my spirit you see
I try to pray but unconsciousness takes over
She my God and she's my lover
I follow her silence blindly at night
At the end of the tunnel, she's my light

A Disease
Sink into my blood and flow into my veins
What is pleasure if not soaked in pain
Everywhere I go your memories follow
The heaviness, emptiness and the hollow
Tonight let your thoughts be my ecstasy
And let this deadly storm outside be my pathetic fallacy

Pain, inevitability, hopelessness, anger
Defeat, insanity, suffering, surrender
When our bodies touch, I am born
And when we separate I lay there and mourn
Tell me, in love as to what the difference is
Between being dead and lifeless

A Deception
Your love was a hoax it was all a game
You walked away from me now who do I blame
The lies, the broken promises, the torture
My heart is in a million pieces since your departure
The void you created will remain forever
You won't be forgiven, not now, not ever

A Dream
In the midst of this solitude
Falls a moment of gratitude
Where you and I are on a swing
Enjoying the cool breeze in spring
I wake up next to you in an hour glass
Where love sprinkles upon us for eternity

Nothing But Love
Through the back door of this thing called life
Let's escape to the world of pure fantasy
Just you and I walking through heaven
Let's build our home with abstract walls of love
And chimes being the only instrument for now
Let the winds compose the song of love tonight



Anonymous said...

This is absolutely fabulous. Very unique and refreshing. I loved the LUST and DISEASE part. From one Lover to another, you write really well.


Fareed said...


AcetylCholine said...

The opening line to 'A disease'; effin' awesome.

This has suddenly become my favorite post.

MothSmokeLover said...

@ The Lover - Thanks for dropping by. And thank you for liking this post. Love your posts as well. And yes I should comment on 'em but I am lazy like that :D. Do come again!

@ Fareed - Hmm Lust it is then. :)

@ AcetylCholine - First of all I love your name :D. Secondly thanks for all the love. Do visit again. :)

Lizzie said...

WOWWWW. This is so perfectly written. Amazing. Loved the worship part.

Anorak said...

superb!!! Loved each one of these.. very wonderfully at its various faces and phases ... keep walking!!!

Soumya said...

Love it love it love it.

Lust and Obsession did it for me. Awesome writing!

Chaudhary said...

This poem is beyond amazing! loved every part of it