Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tera Haath Thaam Kay

Its unfortunate. Life that is. Atleast certain moments are. And you just can not help it. That is why I call it unfortunate. The moments that are sad play on a loop. Its not fair to the good moments but sad moments take priority. Its the same with sad songs. Its unfortunate. But we already know that.

Like the one that unfolded today. They took turns in hurting each other. Then her life came to a complete stand still. He said something and her life stood still. Like in mourning. It was unfortunate. That's all that can be revealed here. 

Jaanay na jaanay log na jaanay...woh jaanay mera haal

But its okay. Whatever happened today made sense. He made her cry but he also lend his shoulder to cry on and in a twisted way that makes it okay. This time around she held his hand even tighter. He was only practicing his rights. That is all. 

Just before falling asleep they promised to keep hurting each other. Forever and ever. 

Its unfortunate but that is all there is to their story. 

Good night!

Tera haath thaam kay..lo hum bhi chal diye 


Winter Song said...

Beautifully penned. But ufff itni dukhi ho gayee main, after reading it. Xoxo

Purple said...

First off, chal diye, my absolute favorite.
And secondly, MSL, I foresee destruction.
It was beautifully written though.

Oh and want to share my blog with you. Pass me your email?
I've decided on making it private.

................your's entirely said...

made deep cuts deep within :(

Zeeshan Ahmed said...