Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Everyone Dies A Little

I want to say a lot of things but I won't.
Please don't. I need you and you need me..
Life is not like the movies. 
But I like music. 
I often find myself thinking only about you. 
I wish I could feel what that's like. 
There is a strange smell all around tonight. 
Its worse in the city. Here its okay. 
You know our hearts are like cities as well. 
Deep oceans in my opinion.
Play me a song on the piano. Any song. 
Someone like you. 
No leave it. Its okay. 
I don't want you to "fix" anything. 
The inner turmoil will be the end of us. 
All good things must come to an end. 
I feel sorry for homeless people.
The heart is their home.
Tell me something about you that I don't know.
Just listen. 
I used to be a loner.
I used to have long hair.
I used to be a reader. 
I used to read between the lines. 
My favorite word was revolution. 
I used to cry a lot. 
I used to laugh out loud. 
You're right..our hearts are like oceans. 
Continents of some sort. 
What do you expect from me? 
You know people around us..some of them will die one day. 
Everyone dies (a little). 
You know what I mean. 
It might rain tonight.
I bet they just called it food in China. 
Like Fries are just Fries to the French. 
I'm sorry.
Don't be. Everything ends. Like I said.
Did you ever love me? 
I love folding paper cranes. For good luck. The Japanese do it.
I'm not stupid. 
My limbs are aching. 
I love you.
I'm jaded. We're even.
I often imagine long walks on the beach. 
Are you done?
I  can break the locks in your mind.
I threw out the key. Sorry about that
This will kill you. 
I don't know any better. 
Break this Berlin wall please.
I have lived in Madrid all my life. I don't know Berlin.
I know you differently in my dreams you know.
Its getting late. 
We were always like those unfortunate parallel lines.
I might leave this time.
You always come back. My heart has always been your home.
It hurts too much. 
And yet you'll attempt to fill those voids in my heart.
I'm yours.
I almost loved you too.
I said a lot today. 
Me too.
I won't say anymore.
                                                                                          Please don't. I need you and you need me.


Anonymous said...

love it. my fav word wali line achi thi and 'but i like music' wali bhi :D maza aya.

Soumya said...

Oh man, how awesome was this :D

Absolutely loved it!

Winter Song said...

You came at me from all sides today. There was no escape this time. I loved this one.

Purple said...

How beautiful was that.
But dark.

Amna Siddiqui said...

Mind = blown.

Such impact, and such refined expression of what you had in mind. It couldn't be more perfect, honestly.

Zeeshan Ahmed said...

Tabahi! Magnificent! :D