Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Mistakes We Could Have Made

I've hurt you a lot.
I'm no angel here. 
You have as well, you know. 
I'm not the devil either.
One shouldn't care too much about anyone.
We tend to suffer too much, yes.
It can seriously hurt the ones we love. 
Different dialects of the same language.
Such a long journey.
And yet we only run into ourselves.
Its not as warm as it used to be.
Seasons change. People don't.
You're a loner.
I love the stories that begin and end at airports.
Yeah love stories.
No! Stories of love they are.
Hate is also a form of passion you know. 
But indifference is like death. 
I always say as to whats on my mind.
Somehow I only care about what you haven't said.
I never meant to hurt you. 
We were born to hurt each other.
The heart is a funny organ.
 I would know out of all the people.
Our wounds will heal with time.
Or get replaced by new ones.
No past love comes close to what we have.
No one has hurt me as much as you have.
Our pain is like a medal.
And we shall wear it with pride.
I will love you only if you let me. 
I'm good at building fences you know.
This is insane.
Imagination and reality are two different things.
Your metaphors will be the death of me.
I'm like that ripped book with the last few pages missing.
Why do we feel sadness the most? 
Because mediocrity is such a turn off.
I can spend hours in museums. What about you?
I like how you say my name.
Sometimes words are not enough.
My name is not just a word.
I wonder where people go when they die.
 I'm drowned in you. 
Indifference is my floating device.
I know you are hurt.
Four letter words. Sigh.
I wish I could be more perfect.
And I wish you were more flawed. Maybe then...
I've made a lot of mistakes.
We could have made more mistakes. Our own.
I don't know anything anymore. 
The first time you hurt someone is the only time you can.
As in?
You are my Grey area. You are my almost. You are beautiful. I'm not.
 I'm sorry.
No I'm.
Why so?
Because my presence made my absence more obvious.


Raajii said...

beautiful way to convey the idea :)

Winter Song said...

Oh hell! Mesmerising dance of words and emotions.

Zeeshan Ahmed said...

Amazing! The best part, you read it starting from top, and then you can also read it from bottom to top. Amazing stuff really!

The Purple Assassin. said...

Such an amazing piece.
Wonderful way of thinking about things!

Purple said...

love the conversational way.